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The Resources, Solutions, and Supportive Services Center (R3SC) homepage!

The Resources Solutions and Supportive Services Center is a 501 (c) 3 organization with a mission to provide the community with support and gap fill resources and services while working towards solutions to navigate life's challenges. 

As a mobile peer nonprofit and having a personal understanding of the importance of meeting you where you are; we create a unique opportunity to provide community support. Utilizing and embracing the "it takes a village" philosophy we team with other nonprofits, community organizations, professionals and individuals who share the same goals and commonalities; supporting you.  

Calling all Nonprofits!

Looking for an easy way to exchange inventory and manpower directly with other nonprofits?

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 We Provide:

For any immediate needs, please use our support request form:

Hygiene and Household Items

Image of personal hygiene kit

Need support refilling your pantry? Running low on hygiene and other  basic need items?


Fashion Rail

Need to visit "Our Closet" thrift store? 

Short or long term, we are always seeking opportunities to partner with your organization to: 1. Provide support or services at one of our upcoming community events 2. Partner at your organization to expand or support an existing program or service you currently offer 

Image of people holding hands together

It Takes a Village:

Nonprofit and Community


Other Resources

We're currently working to establish more supportive services for you!  Click below to view a full list of future services

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